Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Been a Busy Week....

It's been a looooong week at French Nest working tirelessly on making room for new goodies that we've found.  We're finally about finished, so I thought you might like a little peek at what we've been up to.

The back room is where we have all our "girlie" things.

We also found out while moving the post office boxes that they are quite heavy, but best of all they make great bed side tables!  Who knew??

We created a little "bistro" area with these really cool chairs.

Found this chippy green table on one of my trips to North Carolina.  The paint is great!

We've also gotten in some of the neatest messenger bags.

One of my favorite new finds is the jar of marbles.  They are so colorful and just look like candy to me.  (I'm on a diet, so everything reminds me of candy!)

The amazing thing about this is that the jar is from a drug store that use to be one block from where French Nest is located now.

Got this beautiful wreath out at Renningers last weekend and just had to hang it on the willow headboard.  Lou out at Renningers sells them under the pavilion.

And the last little peek is of this great pair of bookends that we found.  

There are a lot more treasures that we haven't pictured here, so come on in and check them out for yourself!

Until next time.....


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